As of today, you will now automatically get autocompletion for our CLI configuration file in IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, and at least eight other IDEs. No need to read the docs anymore, just write the file !

.pmbot.yml autocompletion in IntelliJ IDEA

Every time you have to configure a framework or tool via a configuration file (.eslintrc for ESLint, .angular.json for Angular or .angular-cli.json for early Angular versions...), your IDE usually gives you autocompletion for those files, with embedded documentation.

As of today, you will now get autocompletion for our CLI configuration file, .pmbot.yml as we have registered our JSON schema to the JSON Schema Store. IDE's like IntelliJ and VSCode look for files in this API and fetch the matching JSON Schema.

Best of all, the schema is automatically updated every time we release a new version of our CLI, so your autocompletion will always have the latest version as well !

Of course, our official documentation will always be there and will contain more details about each property. When the autocompletion isn't sufficient, we recommend that you checkout out the .pmbot.yml reference.