Are you or your team using PHP Composer to manage dependencies ? Good news ! Today we've added PHP Composer to our list of supported package manager adapters.

Today we released version 1.9.0 or our CLI, available on Npm as @pmbot/cli. We've added PHP Composer to our list supported package managers. You will be able to update the dependencies of your projects automatically with Pmbot using the composer plugin.

All you need is to reference this plugin in your .pmbot.yml:

version: '1'
  - packageManager:
      name: composer

and use the pmbot/bot:composer Docker image that we provide for your convenience. It embeds Composer 1.10.0 and the PHP Runtime 7.3.20. For example, with Drone CI:

  - name: update
    image: pmbot/bot:composer
    # ...

And that's it ! Your composer.lock will be automatically updated base on the schedules you have programmed for your projects.

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