Are your Ruby gems up to date ? Today we are announcing the release of our Ruby package manager plugin which allows you to update your Ruby dependencies automatically with Pmbot.

Are you or your team writing applications with Ruby ? You will be glad to hear that we just released the pmbot CLI v1.10.0 which embeds our Ruby package manager plugin by default.

This plugin updates the dependencies in your Gemfile.lock automatically. To use it, you'll need to reference it in your .pmbot.yml:

version: '1'
  - packageManager:
      name: ruby

and use the pmbot/bot:ruby Docker image that we provide for your convenience. It embeds Ruby 2.7 and Bundler 2.1.4. For example, with Drone CI:

  - name: update
    image: pmbot/bot:ruby
    # ...

We're looking forward to having feedback from Ruby users.

Keep updating the great work !

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