Your software applications most likely have security issues you are probably not aware of. Pmbot fixes them automatically, and here is why you should use it.

The root of your security issues

When developers write software applications, they use external libraries, also called dependencies, or packages, which are pieces of source code written by other developers, whether outside your company, or sometimes written internally by your company's teams.

Those dependencies may have security issues, and by using them in your application source code, your programs inherit the security vulnerabilities that those libraries have. Of course, most libraries also have their own dependencies, which means that your program also inherits from the security issues that exist in the dependencies used by the libraries you use. Sometimes, a security leak can be inherited from several levels down the dependency tree.

This problem exists in every software application in the world. Whether you are a software developer, a software development team, or a company that writes internal applications, your projects most likely have security issues you are not even aware of, and that's why you should use Pmbot.

The solution to your problems

Pmbot is an automated dependency update tool that automatically updates the source code of your software applications to make sure you always have the latest version of your dependencies. But that's not it ! When making the updates, it makes sure that nothing has been broken in your program, by automatically connecting with your Continuous Integration and Delivery platform.

When Pmbot fails at updating some dependencies, it lets your team know about it so that a human can intervene and manually resolve the issue. This is the perfect balance between automation and manual maintenance.

Why your customers will love us

By using Pmbot, you ensure that your dependencies are always up to date. It's a reassuring feeling for both you, your company, and your customers. Keeping application software up to date is not just a matter of security, it also ensures that you get the latest performance improvements from newer versions of the packages your projects depend on.

Beyond this, you will also be able to advertise this with your customers. As an application user, it is always reassuring to know that your provider cares about the security of its software applications and that it is willing to ensure that the programs it delivers are continuously being improved.

Why your developers will love us

We want to make a difference not only by providing your teams with a great tool, but also ensuring great user experience. We care about well designed, well written, meaningful and content rich documentation that provides developers with the information they need and help them understand the what and the how.

We've also open sourced our documentation so that everyone can contribute to making it better. We want it to be structured around what our users expect and want to read while providing useful content.

We've also made sure that our users will enjoy using Pmbot. Our interfaces have been designed and thought around the idea that a tool should provide a smooth and pleasant user experience through well designed and engineered interfaces that provide useful content, look good, but above all, feel good.

You wouldn't believe how much we care

Our company was founded with the will to give the best experience to our customers and users and to care more than you could imagine about their projects. We want to make sure that you don't just like using software we write, but that you love using it, and for that your voice counts in every way. We value constructive feedback and always listen to a very innovative and changing world.

Pmbot is a tool that has truly changed the way we work and saves us a lot of time by helping us deliver safer products, faster.

If you want to have a demo, let us know ! We can't wait to show you how it will change the way you deliver software.

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